Welcome to Smith Mountain Lake Information Center

This site gives out-of-towners a quick look at the lake area.

Over 20 years ago, when I began this site, I meticulously posted every hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast, every restaurant and golf course, every boat rental location and fishing guide.... almost every business and attraction at the Lake was here.

But times change. The phenomenal rise of the internet, coupled with the exponential growth of the lake, has rendered that service needless. "Just google it" is what everyone does now... Maps with driving instructions even come up.

However, we discovered that many people, especially those who have never been here before, enjoy a lake website without an emphasis on business... So here it is, about 10% of the massive original site, streamlined and distilled into the best and most popular pages.

Links are on the left. Enjoy

Dave Gresham